IN FIELDS OF BLUE by Valerie Dohren

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This week we continue to celebrate the arrival of summer and its annual reawakening of nature with a spirited poem by UK poet Valerie Dohren.

In Fields Of Blue coaxes those ancient, so so ancient celestial god spirits of nature, the Devas, to appear.

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Valerie Dohren : “The Rose”

Visible only in her art, here are just a few of many comments which her peers at have written about Valerie Dohren’s poetry:

“naturally gifted and versatile; there is natural flow in whatever she writes. Her poems have a transcendent quality and are quite often spell binding.”

“composes poems with the meticulous hand of an artist…the decorum, symmetry, regularity and rhythm -all is there blended with natural passion…she plays with rhythmical effects…i can feel a discipline in her balanced beats.”

“She writes beautifully crafted and uplifting poetry in a timeless classical style.”

Valerie Dohren lives quietly in Preston, United Kingdom.

Poems of Valerie Dohren

The Goddess of Love : Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Celestial God Deva

In Fields Of Blue God Deva Dwells

“Devas” are complex Beings. They are present even in those most ancient scriptural texts, The Vedas. “Deva” orginates from the sanskrit word for “deity,” meaning “to shine”.

Portrayed as fierce and frightening in mystical Hinduism, impossibly sublime in Buddhism, modern Devas are affable, familiar spirits of nature most often encountered in dreams or moments of serene reflection.

Modern science may scoff at the notion that spirits of nature such as the celestial god Deva exist. Just as well.

If science did think that Devas might exist, it might decide to launch an avalanche of multi-million dollar research projects to study that notion. In a world where millions of children suffer and die painfully every year, haven’t we had enough of inconsequential, trivial scientific research projects gobbling up, bleeding and draining the public coffers dry?

Science is utterly helpless without copious injections of government fundings propping it up. Artists just get on with their work – work often more important than knowing whether or not a flea feels pain.

In her poem In Fields Of Blue Valerie Dohren manages to coax out a snapshot of her celestial god Deva and, for a time, tame those spirits of nature into stopping to pose.

“The Shining Ones” have thus been locked in a time outside of time.
That is the magic of poetry. And this is but a glimpse into the skill of Valerie Dohren.

In Fields of Blue was first published in on November 18, 2012.

In Fields Of Blue

In fields of blue I long to dwell
And frolic ‘neath the sun –
To mingle with the scented air
With each new day begun

Then yet to float within the mist
That lingers all around –
Be as a wraith, to drift and spin,
Above the rugg’ed ground

No substance to my earthly form
Nor weight to bear me down
As then I yearn to twist and turn
Draped in a silken gown

Be thus my senses unconfined
Within a mortal frame
Untethered from all things that own –
So like a dancing flame

To see and hear, to touch, inspire
The perfume of a rose –
Such fragrance sweet as angel`s breath
Diffusing as it grows

Then with the spirits of the land
My heart would yet rejoice –
To ever chant their gentle lay
As in a single voice

So sing, O Shining Ones*, yes sing
Of joy, of hope, of love,
And I, with thee, will render thus
Sweet music from above

In fields of blue I long to dwell
My dreams abiding there –
Forever dancing through all time
With flowers in my hair

* Devas (nature spirits) .

Valerie Dohren
November 18, 2012

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