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In this post we continue a mystic journey. The poem is part 4 of a 9 part poem.
It is posted now in celebration of Michaelmas and of the September equinox.

An angel; symbol of Michaelmas

A Mystic Journey at Michaelmas

A Mystic Journey at Michaelmas

The Feast of Michaelmas serves multiple functions in its role as harbinger of autumn – religious, educational, legal, historical. Occurring near an equinox, Michaelmas symbolizes Kosmic balance and temperance – a momentary equilibrium in the balance and clash of Kosmic powers and forces.

The 9 part Mystic Journey Series was written after my father’s death, as a contemplation upon it.
Contemplation focuses on the “other”; meditation, typically upon the self.
This poem is a report on contemplative experience. It is not a meditation upon self.

Meditation is inherently a divisive process. It seems to me that a fatal flaw in much popular meditative practice is this a priori separation of self from Kosmos. An initial division of mind from body is followed by a division of soul from mind, and then of spirit from soul. Finally, the self, like the hollow center of an onion, is only an infinitely tiny point of nothingness.

Then, in a totally irrational climax and ultimate reversal, this nothingness is equated with God, the everything. Nothing equals everything. Through a process of infinite division, God equals zero, and I, a void, a nothingness, am God and am therefore equal to God.

Absurd and hilarious solipsism? Yes!

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Beware of The Drug Store Guru

An impossible situation (ie. how can one ever be separate from, outside of the Kosmos?), this a priori separation is an illusion created solely by the ego, in order to preserve itself. Even so, armies of drug store gurus continue to peddle and flog their infantile ‘feel good’ pop ersatz meditative elixirs, happily dispensing ‘enlightenment in 10 minutes – only $10!’ en masse. That their pain-killing medicines seem to wear off at the first sign of felt stress is no deterrent for the gullible. Millions of people happily empty their wallets for another “energy fix” from their ever-smiling, ever-travelling guru!

The keywords of the drug store guru are “self-empowerment”, “higher vibes”, and “heightened energy”. The self is powerful in an energetic cosmos. The drug store guru is a god in an energetic cosmos. The drug store guru is, in essence and by practice, a reductionist. His drumbeat is the laughable tying together of quantum physics and human consciousness. Laughable because a sub-quantum particle possesses no human consciousness!

In short, the drug store guru peddling meditative enlightenment is the modern version of the snake oil quack. To him, God is self-power and energy. To the contemplator, God is Love and Intelligence.

Dharma and Delusion

As an aside to this discussion, I honestly don’t understand how anyone would willingly want to become a Christian?

Christianity is certainly one of the most difficult of life’s paths to tread, equivalent in difficulty to the yogi’s dharma path. While worldly, exoteric churches are content to gleefully spoon feed sugared milk to their tepid masses, the path of true dharma is a bitter meal of strong beef, and real beef eaters are few- and they don’t volunteer for the ordeal! They are called- not self-appointed volunteers.

I mentioned ego above and of its basic fallacy of separating the self from the Kosmos. Prayer is also too often mere ego stroking- a pleading, begging, cajoling or deal-making with a separate, an ideal God who, in reality exists only as a figment in the overly-charged imagination and ego of the person praying. This ideal ‘God’ is just another creation of the ego, manufactured to feed the ego’s need for power, domination and control.

“God spoke to me.” is a sure sign of the deluded; “God told me to…”, a sure sign of the psychotic.

On the other hand, if the a priori assumption is that it is impossible for the self to be separate from, outside of the Kosmos- the contemplator’s a priori premise- then there is no possibility that one can ever be separate, apart from, outside of God.

This simple but eternally true perception is the theme of one of my poems – Pop!

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A Mystic Journey to Mu

Advances in modern medicine have made near-death experiences more common and better understood. Flat liners are resuscitated with powerful hypodermics and electrical shocks. Accounts of near-death experiences are surprisingly similar in content and, in most cases, positive and life-transforming.

But they’re still a quick “Hello? Good-bye!” experience. Death’s door briefly opens. Then slams shut.
On the other hand, the AFTER-death experience, the mystic journey, has been exhaustively documented and extensively reported for tens of thousands of years. And it too is surprisingly similar in content across cultures and times.

For what the chroniclers of mystic journeys overwhelmingly report is that the mystic journey is not a simple, mindless ‘Praise Jesus and Welcome to Heaven’ experience. They are, in fact, a complex, long journey – if you’re lucky!

The Mystic Journey Series began with the funeral of my father and ends – do you really think I’ll tell you that!

However, if you really want to know how the full journey unfolds, the entire Mystic Journey Series is in my book GRAIN -Mystical Poems.

Mystic Journey: Air 1, the 4th part of this 9 part poem, was first published in on August 1, 2012.

It is a record of the initial phases of the actual after-death experience.

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Special Note: The image above the poem is from an archaeological site in Bolivia – Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco). Despite the edicts of orthodox archaeology, Tiahuanaco is tens of thousands of years old and is one of the most popular examples and symbols of the high attainments of very ancient civilizations. It is the symbol of the Mystic Journey Series here.

Tiahuanaco image for the Mystic Journey series poem


O child of noble family,
now the time has come
for you to seek a path.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Mystic Journey: Air 1

safely through the tropic of cancer, the Amazing
Grace docked here but a moment. with black moth
puffs of diesel smoke from proud stacks painting
bold springtime sky it boldly steamed forth

into the star-soaked south china sea, manifest
destination Elsewhere. farther south into
summer, west in day it was blown, to a tempest
of tsunami seas. there, tropical typhoons threw

up sheet lightning strafed thunder blasted
wind. razor rain sliced down in death curtains.
like a blind outstretched bat with wings
of leather filling terror sky it parted

him from his past. a shadowed scene
scanned in rear-view mirror, the metal fog
of his memory vanished. he was disintegrating.
alive he was, but only as alive as a lone note

from someone strumming a banjo who cannot
be seen behind a door that blocks out light.
a time of terror to whiten even the devil,
it has no counterpart in this life, no parallel.

like the ageless stone statues which stand in
a ring round easter island the weightless crew
stood up on deck, facing sea, wondering when
the black bat would swallow them. it withdrew,

as if by command. then marble sky took on
luminous sheen: scrubbed, wiped, polished
clean, a crystal bowl without; within,
reflections reflecting reflected. stars glowed.

the moon, a globular mirror, seemed open
mouth of solo trumpet seen under spotlight.
then it became a heart. pulsing light shone
around the ghost ship, opening second sight

in the crew; hearing too. their eye
sockets became bells, ear caps coral.
in sympathy with symphony of the sky
the crew, transfigured, crossed equator.

doug bentley
august 1, 2012

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IN SOLITUDE VIOLET: The Mind that moves in Silence finds its Still Point

Final Part of the 7 Part "SOLITUDES" Playlist

The meaning of this video is the effect it has on stilling your mind and moving it to the still point where solitude is bliss. As a published author I put a high value on words. However, where words end and silence begins is often the doorway to bliss.

In the solitude where we are most alone our inner voice is heard most clearly. So, this video is not a video meant to stimulate your intellect. On the contrary, it is a video meant to silence your intellect, your chatter. For, when you are really alone you are independent, and that is when peaceful emotions arise.

The previous six videos in this series were absolutely silent. This video ends with a loud sound. The sound is the sound of the sun itself; its voice, as it were.

Please do leave a comment about whatever effects you have noticed internally after you have watched this video. If you find that your comment tends more to poetry than logic, then congratulations! - Your short visit here has been a still point in your busy day that you can return to often.

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