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This post celebrates the exit of summer and the entrance of autumn on September 22. This transition occurs simultaneously so there is a sense of cosmic balance and equality here. The September equinox is, of course, a time of balance and equality in the earth’s orbit around the sun. The September equinox is also an auspicious moment to publish the 8th part of my 9 part Mystic Journey poem.

A galaxy the shape of an eye as seen through a telescope.

The Four Main Elements + 1

September Equinox and the Four Main Elements

The four classical elements are earth, water, air and fire. These four main elements served the needs of the ancients well, for thousands of years. The ancient sciences of magic, astrology, mysticism and numerology found these elements to be sufficient for their needs.

In astrological tradition the four main elements refer to the vital forces (or energies) that make up the entire creation commonly perceived by human beings. In the birth chart they reveal our ability to participate in certain realms of being and to tune in to specific fields of life experience. In numerology the number 4 came to stand for creation itself. The four main elements were the Corner Stones of Creation, because they are the four ingredients that make up everything. They are in the macrocosm, microcosm and all of us. Each element was even assigned its own season over which it presided: winter was for the earth, summer was for fire, autumn for water, and spring was the season of the air. There was a grand order and correspondence in all things, what we would call ‘connectedness’.

Publication of the parts of the Mystic Journey poem here has observed the ritualistic nature of these elements. A private superstition, by publishing them at times which correspond to events in the kosmic calendar, such as the September equinox, I hope that this observance will help, in a very tiny way, to keep my life, the earth and the affairs of Man in synchronicity with the greater Kosmic order and law of things.

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The entire Mystic Journey poem appears in my book “GRAIN -Mystical Poems“. For more information on GRAIN, Click here!

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The Fifth Element

The addition of a fifth element to the classical four main elements discussed above takes us into a higher more inclusive dimension of kosmic speculation and activity. The fifth element brings us within the orbit of ancient mystical philosophies and religions.

In Buddhism the fifth element is defined as “sunyata” or emptiness. In Hinduism it is “Ether”. Ether is related to the ‘Spiritual Sky’ or Akash. The meanings in Buddhism and Hinduism cohere under the concepts of space and consciousness. Space and consciousness are similes of ‘Emptiness’ and “Ether” is the space in which everything happens. Ether is simultaneously the source of all matter and the space in which it exists. The chief characteristic of Ether is sound.

In the poem below I call this fifth element “Gravity”. “Gravity” is also the fifth element in the Mystic Journey poem, following on the four poem elements listed above. The force of gravity is that which knits together all space. We can feel gravity as a sense of comfort and grounding, too. Thus, gravity as a feeling also exists within our consciousness. “Gravity” contains within itself both the Buddhist’s sunyata and the Hindu’s akash. In the poem below you will find that the themes of space and consciousness form the architecture of the “Gravity” section itself.

Poetry is an oral art form. In order to generate the abstract sound of the Ether, please read the poem following aloud! Mystic Journey: Gravity 1, the 8th Part of the 9 Part Mystic Journey poem, was first published in on October 13, 2012.

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Tiahuanaco image for the Mystic Journey series poem


Mystic Journey: Gravity 1

seen through hubble’s scope* the orion
nebula resembles a bloody moth sticking
to incandescent lamp. thousands of solar
systems wide from wing-tip to tip it hides

motionless, held in the frozen aloneness
of deep space. hives of galaxies, fuzzy
fireflies caught in the endless nocturnal
background of amateur entomologist’s photo,

complete the frame. time records an instant
of time that takes place only this moment.
are we too upturned butterflies, undersides
of formaldehyde wings exposed to erosion

by elements, cocooned coffins of decaying
flesh? nothing before, nothing after?
birth and death but end points on a finite
line? or are birth and death opposing

forces on an endlessly repeating circle
spinning and spinning about aimlessly,
south and north poles on a compass
tucked away in a lost mariner’s pocket?

one lifetime is a thousand too short
to learn the answers to every question,
but instinct has a notion. nothing more
than the memory of deaths, to have it

we must have died countless times before.
so so much for a finite line. and
the main problem with a perfect circle-
it forgets the habits of evolution.

that’s why i favor a looping spiral.
but what do sciences say of Man?
how old are we? were particles from which
we are made buzzing when the big roar

began? were our elementary atoms stitched
together before the sun was a child star?
the day our DNA graduated and became code
were the hapless dinosaurs no more than

molecules of clay mixed in mud? on the road
from amoeba to angel, did stellar evolution
design Man the crown of earthly nature?
having invested so much effort and time

in the production of our architecture,
would Kosmic Mind suffer any mind’s oblivion
at the random chance of a clogged aorta?
viewed from the bottom-up are we not senior

to the dinosaur on nature’s calendar?
seen from top-down does the magna carta
of Kosmic Law not bind nature to conserving
every speck of self-conscious vitality?

* Hubble telescope

doug bentley
october 13,2012
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VIDEO: In Solitude Blue

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IN SOLITUDE BLUE: Where we are most Alone our Inner Voice is Heard

5th Part of the 7 Part "SOLITUDES" Playlist

The meaning of this video is the effect it has on stilling your mind and moving it to the still point where solitude is bliss. As a published author I put a high value on words. However, where words end and silence begins is often the doorway to bliss.

In the solitude where we are most alone our inner voice is heard most clearly. So, this video is not a video meant to stimulate your intellect. On the contrary, it is a video meant to silence your intellect, your chatter. For, when you are really alone you are independent, and that is when peaceful emotions arise.

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