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This weekend marks the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Water Snake and the observance of the Transfiguration of Christ.

For those of you who prefer the former, please go to the Hong Kong Batman and Gong Hey Fat Choy!

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Transfiguration Of Christ


An unique event, the Transfiguration Of Christ was witnessed as a Divine and supernatural Light so bright that it was blinding to behold. There are descriptions of this Divine Light as being brighter than the “brightness of ten thousand suns.” The “clear Light” of Tibetan Buddhism is, I think, akin in nature to this supernatural Intelligence. And it is an Intelligence, a Mind – not an “energy”. The high energy vibrations emitted by “magnetizing, mesmerizing personalities” has nothing in common with this phenomenon. The Light of Transfiguration is much subtler than that. In fact, it is invisible to ordinary senses, like the interior of a diamond.

Although I do not doubt for one second the validity of Christ’s transfiguration account, this event does spotlight questions about the identity of the Christian Messiah. The Old Testament contains many prophecies concerning the appearance and actions of the Jewish Messiah. The Christian Messiah did not fulfill all scriptures required by the Old Testament. Hence, Christians look forward to His Second Coming and the fulfillment of all Messianic scriptures. If and when Christ returns and fulfills all prophecies concerning the Messiah, then He will be the Jewish Messiah of the Old Testament. Until then, it is premature to call Jesus, as he is commonly named, the Biblical Messiah. The implications of this understanding are profound and should give the followers of Jesus pause.

The poem below is the 2nd in my Sonnet sequence and was first published in on April 15, 2012.

Sonnet 2

my mind’s eye from outer eye remove.
make senseless the argument of sense
that beauty not subject to sense prove
nor object to time that takes you hence.

then, mind from eye withdrawn,
in dark, sense may shine bright
and mind itself your beauty form,
forming mind to your illuminate.

but not thought’s sense to hear
nor sense of mind in sense feel,
dimensional sight and intelligent ear
bereft of mind from mind would reel.

no war between your feature and form
exists except in eye – that does harm.

doug bentley
april 15, 2012

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Walt Whitman : American Poet

WALT WHITMAN : American Poet

Walt Whitman: American Poet

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819 – 1892), reported several personal experiences characteristic of the Transfiguration Of Christ during his lifetime. Echoes of those experiences are present in his great book, Leaves Of Grass (1855).

In fact, there are thousands of accounts of the personal indwelling of the Divine and supernatural Light scattered across nearly every culture and age in modern history.

Christ, Gautama Buddha and the Prophet Muhammad are only its most well-known exemplars.

The manifestation of the Light of Transfiguration seems to be becoming a more common occurrence- a testament, perhaps, to the evolution of the human, phylogenetically? One can only hope!

In support of this hope, Walt Whitman Once Said To Me was first published in today!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Walt Whitman Once Said To Me

walt whitman once said to me
in a rare moment of perplexity

‘now that my
inner eye

is awakened to glow serene
shining in radiant wafers

within and without,
gladdening presence

heart, and ghostly

golden shaft sheds glory
all around

i’m not so sure

That is telling me the Truth
the whole, and nothing but.’

sane sense
i iterated

with some degree
of alacrity

doug bentley
february 9, 2013

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The meaning of this video is the effect it has on stilling your mind and moving it to the still point where solitude is bliss. As a published author I put a high value on words. However, where words end and silence begins is often the doorway to bliss.

In the solitude where we are most alone our inner voice is heard most clearly. So, this video is not a video meant to stimulate your intellect. On the contrary, it is a video meant to silence your intellect, your chatter. For, when you are really alone you are independent, and that is when peaceful emotions arise.

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  1. Thank you Lisa,
    This is one of the best comments that I have ever received.

  2. I used to write sonnets. I liked the Spenserian style, with the interlocking rhymes: ABAB BCBC CDCD EE. The thing I liked about it was that I never knew where I was going to end up. I’m not a particularly good rhymer, so I’d find I was always steered by the form into expressing my thoughts completely differently than I would have done in prose and often found that the poem got across what I was thinking better than the words I would have chosen. That probably holds far less novelty for you than it did for me as a prose-besotted teenager with no real interest in poetry, but it was a real revelation for me. It helped me understand why strict rhyme and meter and even gimmicks like writing a novel without using the letter “E” are actually useful tools for the writer, not just parlor tricks. I think my dabbling in sonnetry really helped me tame my prose as I was learning.

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