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The following short video interviews took place over a few evenings at my home. The interviews cover a number of topics. All were first published on my YouTube channel Doug Bentley Videos .

War Of Ages: Print vs Digital — I wanna be an ebook writer


Center Stage Performing Arts: GO -Existential Theatre

Zeitgeist Orientation: Into the mystic ….*

Losing My Religion Live: Make Poetry Not Theology

Mephistopheles Unchained: Take me to your leader, Science

What’s Going On Earth?: This means war children war


Internet Man: The Plumed Narcissist

IT’S TOO LATE; If Greed is Good Starvation is Sure

This Is Nightlife: Anxiety, Meditation & Bubble Pop!


MIME YOUR OWN BUSINESS: One Direction Talking

Zeitgeist Where Are We Now? Lamas With Hats!

IT’S TOO LATE: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Art vs Science: The laughter of strange clouds

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Center Stage Performing Arts: GO -Existential Cinema

Center Stage Performing Arts: GO -Existential Cinema. Canadian playwright Doug Bentley reads from his new play 'GO -21st Century Existentialism In An Absurdist Theme'.

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